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Africa Today 55: 20 April 2010

Topic: How credible will Sudan’ s elections be?

Presenter: Vuyiswa


Studio:1- Vincent Magombe, Director, Africa Inform International

Studio: 2- Dr Khalid AlMubarak, Media Counsellor, Sudan Embassy  

Satellite: Roshan Mohammed Salih, Press TV Correspondent     


Africa Today 54: 6 April 2010

Topic: Is South Africa close to the promised freedom?

50 years after the Sharpeville massacre which sparked the arm struggle, is South Africa fulfilling the promise of freedom?

Presenter: Vuyiswa      

Studio Guests:

Mr Andrew Feinstein, Former ANC MP and author      

Mr Leslie Maruziva, Chair, ZG Club      

Phone Guest: Maureen Mnisi,Chairperson, Landless People’s Movement            


EP 53: 30 March 2010    
Topic: Why is Nigeria still incapable of averting religious and ethnic conflicts? 

 Presenter: Vuyiswa 


Femi Okutubo, Publisher / Editor-in-Chief, The Trumpet Newspaper             

Mohammed Umar, Writer             

About 500 lives were reported to have perished in the second string of attacks since January in Jos. Jos the capital city of central Plateau state in Nigeria lies at the faultline between the country’s Muslim north and Christian south.                         


EP 52:   23 March 2010
Topic: Will growing opposition force Egypt’s and one of Africa’s long serving presidents out of power?

Presenter: Vuyiswa

1- Dr Wafik Moustafa, Chair, Conservative Arab network

2- Dr Kamal Helbawy, Chair of center for Study of Terrorism                     
Around 30 Egyptian opposition politicians and activists have agreed to form a coalition for political change led by the former head of the UN nuclear watchdog, Mohamed ElBaradei, who has said he may run for president.                       
Members of long-marginalised opposition parties and protest movement leaders met Mr ElBaradei yesterday to launch a campaign for constitutional change before 2010 parliamentary and 2011 presidential elections. Several people involved in the talks said the group had agreed to form a “National Coalition for Change”, headed by Mr ElBaradei, 67.                        

UN sanctions on Eritrea
15 March, 2010
Topic: Is the UN wrong in placing sanctions on Eritrea?
Presenter: Vuyiswa                        

1- Selam kidane, Human rights activist, Release Eritrea                             
2- Mr.Sirak Bahlbi, Eritrean Community organizer 

3- Thomas C. Mountain, Independent journalist, Horn of Africa                             
In this week’s Africa Today we’ll be examining why the US is accusing Eritrea of working to de-stablise the Horn of Africa. The UN security council has imposed sanctions and  accused Eritrea of providing arms to rebels in Somalia.  Eritrea responded to the imposition of sanctions by leaving the African Union. This week’s show examines what lies at the the heart of the current sanctions against Eritrea. We’ll have points of view from from both sides of this political divide, with the aim of finding out why Eritrea is apparently facing isolation, in Africa Today.                              
09 March 2010                            
Is press freedom under attack in Ethiopia in the name of security?                       

 Presenter: Vuyiswa                                
Ethiopia’s new anti-terror law strips journalists of the right to protect the identity of their sources, a top official said in a statement carried Saturday by the national news agency ENA. “The anti-terrorism law revoked the rights of journalists not to disclose their information sources when they report on terrorism,” the agency quoted State Minister for Communication Shimeles Kemal as saying. “The new law revoked this right taking into consideration the magnitude of disasters caused by terrorism,” he added.                                   
2 March 2010                                    
Is the coup in Niger, The third in West Africa in 18 Months highlights the dangers a return to old habits?   
Presenter: Vuyiswa                                    
Description: The leaders of the military coup in Niger have promised a “return to constitutional order”, three days after overthrowing President Mamadou Tandja. In the third coup in the West Africa in the last 18 months, troops stormed the presidential palace in Niamey during a cabinet meeting, seizing Mr Tandja and his ministers before announcing that they were suspending the constitution and dissolving all state institutions.                                  
23 February 2010                                    
Will Ivory Coast find the peace and unity they once enjoyed?
As elections are due soon, will Ivory Coast find the peace and unity they once enjoyed? Presenter: Vuyiswa Guests: Isaac Tchankap, Editor, Le Guide Anatole Ibo, Representative, URD                                   
15 February 2010      
Topic: is the lifting of sanctions the key to securing the unity government in Zimbabwe?
Presenter: Vuyiswa                              
Lance Guma, Broadcaster, SW Radi                                  
Eldridge Culverwell, Zimbabwean Activist                                  
Description: Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has urged the easing of targeted sanctions, saying there ought to be a reward for Zimbabwe’s progress. He made this remarks at The world economic forum.                                  
May 2009      
Topic: Western media depiction of African affairs  
Host: Vuyiswa Ngqobongwana                               
Dr Vincent Magombe, Writer and Broadcaster  Ayo Johnson, African Affairs Commentator  Ebere Nzewuji, Ben TV (on the phone)

Africa Today49 19/03/2010 Topic: EGYPT – WILL ELECTIONS SIGNAL CHANGE?
 Wafik Moustafa 
 Kamal Helbawy


Africa Today48 12/03/2010 Is the UN’s justification for placing sanctions on Eritrea valid 
 Selam Kidane 
 Sirak Bahlbi 
 Thomas C. Mountain (Phone)


Africa Today47 05/03/2010 Is press freedom under attack in Ethiopia in the name of security? 
 Bekele Teklu
 Negussie Gamma

Africa Today46 26/02/2010 Topic: what can be done to stop the facade of democratization on the African continent? 
 Okey Onyejekwe
 Thamsanqa Zhou
 Rolake Akinola

Africa Today45 19/02/2010 As elecions are due soon, will Ivory Coast find the peace and unity they once enjoyed? Anatole Ibo Studio1
Africa Today45 19/02/2010 As elecions are due soon, will Ivory Coast find the peace and unity they once enjoyed? Isaac Tchankap Studio1
Africa Today44 12/02/2010 Africa Today asks is the lifting of sanctions the key to securing the unity government in Zimbabwe? Eldridge

Culverwell Studio1
Africa Today44 12/02/2010 Africa Today asks is the lifting of sanctions the key to securing the unity government in Zimbabwe? Lance

Guma Studio1
Africa Today43 05/02/2010 why the situation is still out of control and what changes in policy should there be to avert the country from

total collapse? Abdullahi Warsame Studio1
Africa Today43 05/02/2010 why the situation is still out of control and what changes in policy should there be to avert the country from

total collapse? Mahmood Delmar Studio1
Africa Today42 29/01/2010  Gibril Faal Studio1
Africa Today42 29/01/2010  Vincent Magombe Studio1
Africa Today41 22/01/2010 Topic: Is the situation in Nigeria likely to create instability in the country? Bob Olukoya Esq Studio1
Africa Today41 22/01/2010 Topic: Is the situation in Nigeria likely to create instability in the country? Femi Okutubo Studio1
Africa Today40 15/01/2010 Is  Southern Sudan On The  Brink Of War Hafiz Mohammed Sattelite
Africa Today40 15/01/2010 Is  Southern Sudan On The  Brink Of War Paul Valentin Studio1
Africa Today40 15/01/2010 Is  Southern Sudan On The  Brink Of War Khalid Al Mubarak Mustafa Studio1
Africa Today39 08/01/2010 Who is the Lord’s Resistance Army? Cecil Gutzmore Studio1
Africa Today39 08/01/2010 Who is the Lord’s Resistance Army? Vincent Magombe Studio1
Africa Today36 18/12/2009 Pre-recording Africa 2010 Bernard Otabil Studio1
Africa Today36 18/12/2009 Pre-recording Africa 2010 Winston Mano Studio1
Africa Today38 18/12/2009 Piracy in somalia Mohamud Gure Studio1
Africa Today38 18/12/2009 Piracy in somalia Mohomoud Nur Studio1
Africa Today37 11/12/2009 Latest developments in Guniea Femi Okutubo Studio1
Africa Today37 11/12/2009 Latest developments in Guniea Desmond Davies Studio1
Africa Today34 04/12/2009 elections in Namibia Jon Offei-Ansah Studio1
Africa Today34 04/12/2009 elections in Namibia Itayi Garande Studio1
Africa Today35 04/12/2009 Review of 2009 (Pre-recorded) Winston Ojukutu-Macaulay Jnr Studio1
Africa Today35 04/12/2009 Review of 2009 (Pre-recorded) Ayo Johnson Studio1
Africa Today33 27/11/2009 Ogaden Ioan Lewis Phone
Africa Today33 27/11/2009 Ogaden Mohamud Gure Studio1
Africa Today33 27/11/2009 Ogaden Mohmed Mohmud Studio1
Africa Today32 20/11/2009 Equatorial Guinea Kevin Cahill Phone
Africa Today32 20/11/2009 Equatorial Guinea Vincent Magombe Studio1
Africa Today32 20/11/2009 Equatorial Guinea Baffour Ankomah Studio1
Africa Today31 13/11/2009 China-Africa Summit Andrew Leung Studio1
Africa Today31 13/11/2009 China-Africa Summit James Oporia-Ekwaro Studio1
Africa Today30 06/11/2009 Tunisia, re-elections of Ben Ali Monjia Abidi Studio1
Africa Today30 06/11/2009 Tunisia, re-elections of Ben Ali Ali Bahaijoub Studio1
Africa Today30 06/11/2009 Tunisia, re-elections of Ben Ali Dennis Sammut Phone
Africa Today29 30/10/2009 Sudan – USA Relations Alex De waal Phone
Africa Today29 30/10/2009 Sudan – USA Relations Mohamed Hussein Zaroug Studio1
Africa Today29 30/10/2009 Sudan – USA Relations Ahmed Diraige Studio1
Africa Today28 23/10/2009 Libray Oliver Miles Phone
Africa Today28 23/10/2009 Libray Pat Lancaster Studio1
Africa Today28 23/10/2009 Libray Mohamed Elhaddad Studio1
Africa Today27 16/10/2009  Zimbabwe George Shire Studio1
Africa Today27 16/10/2009  Zimbabwe Eldridge Culverwell Studio1
Africa Today27 16/10/2009  Zimbabwe Mduduzi Mathuthu Phone
Africa Today26 09/10/2009 South Africa Susan Ellicott Studio1
Africa Today26 09/10/2009 South Africa Ayoub Mzee Studio1
Africa Today25 02/10/2009 Islamic Movement in Nigeria Mohammed Umar Studio1
Africa Today25 02/10/2009 Islamic Movement in Nigeria Yusuf Tuggar Phone
Africa Today25 02/10/2009 Islamic Movement in Nigeria Nasir Tsafe Studio1
Africa Today24 25/09/2009 Ghana Cecil Gutzmore Studio1
Africa Today24 25/09/2009 Ghana Desmond Davies Studio1
Africa Today24 25/09/2009 Ghana Samia Nkrumah Phone
Africa Today23 18/09/2009 Israel FM tours Africa Patrick Wilmot Studio1
Africa Today23 18/09/2009 Israel FM tours Africa Keith Harmon Snow Phone
Africa Today23 18/09/2009 Israel FM tours Africa Geoffrey Alderman Studio1
Africa Today22 11/09/2009 Zimbabwe George Shire Studio1
Africa Today22 11/09/2009 Zimbabwe Miles Tendi Studio1
Africa Today22 11/09/2009 Zimbabwe Tanki Mothae Phone
Africa Today21 04/09/2009 Presidential elections in Gabon Jon Offei-Ansah Studio1
Africa Today21 04/09/2009 Presidential elections in Gabon Bernard Otabil Studio1
Africa Today21 04/09/2009 Presidential elections in Gabon Amira Woods Phone
Africa Today20 28/08/2009 Somalia Ioan Lewis Studio1
Africa Today20 28/08/2009 Somalia Mohamud Gure Studio1
Africa Today19 21/08/2009 US + Africa (Clinton’s tour) Michael Carter Studio1
Africa Today19 21/08/2009 US + Africa (Clinton’s tour) HE Tesfamicael Gerahtu Studio1
Africa Today19 21/08/2009 US + Africa (Clinton’s tour) Firoze Manji Phone
Africa Today18 14/08/2009 western sahara Ricky Goldstein Phone
Africa Today18 14/08/2009 western sahara Stefan Simanowitz Studio1
Africa Today18 14/08/2009 western sahara Ali Bahaijoub Studio1
Africa Today17 07/08/2009 Sudan clashes Khalid Al Mubarak Mustafa Studio1
Africa Today17 07/08/2009 Sudan clashes Ahmed Diraige Studio1
Africa Today16 31/07/2009 clashes in Northern Nigeria Femi Okutubo Studio1
Africa Today16 31/07/2009 clashes in Northern Nigeria Mohammed Umar Studio1
Africa Today16 31/07/2009 clashes in Northern Nigeria Khadija Ebran Phone
Africa Today14 24/07/2009 Charles Taylor on trail, Liberia and Sierra Leone Solomon Moriba Phone
Africa Today14 24/07/2009 Charles Taylor on trail, Liberia and Sierra Leone Desmond Davies Studio1
Africa Today14 24/07/2009 Charles Taylor on trail, Liberia and Sierra Leone Winston Ojukutu-Macaulay Jnr Studio1
Africa Today15 24/07/2009 Israel in Africa, military involvement Keith Harmon Snow Phone
Africa Today15 24/07/2009 Israel in Africa, military involvement Richard Millett Studio1
Africa Today15 24/07/2009 Israel in Africa, military involvement Patrick Wilmot Studio1
Africa Today13 17/07/2009 Israel in Africa Patrick Wilmot Studio1
Africa Today13 17/07/2009 Israel in Africa Keith Harmon Snow Phone
Africa Today13 17/07/2009 Israel in Africa Richard Millett Studio1
Africa Today11 10/07/2009 Israel in Africa Geoffrey Alderman Studio1
Africa Today11 10/07/2009 Israel in Africa Keith Harmon Snow Phone
Africa Today11 10/07/2009 Israel in Africa Patrick Wilmot Studio1
Africa Today12 10/07/2009 Media development in Nigeria Desmond Davies Studio1
Africa Today12 10/07/2009 Media development in Nigeria Winston Mano Studio1
Africa Today12 10/07/2009 Media development in Nigeria Osasu Obayiuwana Phone
Africa Today10 03/07/2009 China in Africa Jon Offei-Ansah Studio1
Africa Today10 03/07/2009 China in Africa Yiyi Lu Phone
Africa Today10 03/07/2009 China in Africa Michael Carter Studio1
Africa Today9 26/06/2009 Nigeria’s democracy and the re-branding of the country’s image Rolake Akinola Studio1
Africa Today9 26/06/2009 Nigeria’s democracy and the re-branding of the country’s image Yusuf Tuggar Phone
Africa Today9 26/06/2009 Nigeria’s democracy and the re-branding of the country’s image Kayode Ogundamisi Studio1
Africa Today22 03/05/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio22
Africa Today21 02/05/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio21
Africa Today20 01/05/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio20
Africa Today19 30/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio19
Africa Today18 29/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio18
Africa Today17 28/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio17
Africa Today16 27/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio16
Africa Today15 26/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio15
Africa Today14 25/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio14
Africa Today13 24/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio13
Africa Today12 23/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio12
Africa Today11 22/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio11
Africa Today10 21/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio10
Africa Today9 20/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio9
Africa Today8 19/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio8
Africa Today7 18/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio7
Africa Today6 17/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio6
Africa Today5 16/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio5
Africa Today4 15/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio4
Africa Today3 14/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio3
Africa Today2 13/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio2
Africa Today1 12/04/2009 Western media portrayal of African issues Ebere Nzewuji Studio1

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