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Is the UN wrong in placing sanctions on Eritrea?

Posted by AT on March 16, 2010

Africa Today 48
Topic: Is the UN wrong in placing sanctions on Eritrea? 

Date of recording : 12 March 2010
Broadcasting date: Tue 16 March 2010
Presenter: Vuyiswa 

1- Selam kidane, Human rights activist, Release Eritrea 

2- Mr.Sirak Bahlbi, Eritrean Community organizer 

3- Thomas C. Mountain, Independent journalist, Horn of Africa 

Part 1

Part 2

On the 22nd of February 2009, tens of thousands of Eritreans and Friends
of Eritrea took to the streets of Geneva to voice their opposition to
Security Council Resolution 1907 (2009) which imposes sanctions against
Eritrea . The demonstration in Geneva was part of the world wide
demonstrations being held simultaneously in the United States , Australia
, Middle East and Africa . 
It is to be recalled that, on the 23 December 2009 the Security Council
adopted Resolution 1907 and sanctioned Eritrea for “providing financial
support to the Somali insurgents”, without ever producing any evidence.
The Security Council also called on Eritrea to acknowledge the nonexistent
“conflict with Djibouti “. 

The participants stated that the Eritrean people would never kneel down
and that there was no external pressure that could break the will of a
strong and united population. 

Assembling in front of the UN Office in Geneva, the participants of the
demonstration chanted slogans in various languages denouncing the shameful
sanctions resolution, and messages from various Eritrean communities in
Europe as well as messages of solidarity and friendship from other Horn of
Africa communities were conveyed. They also submitted petition
representing over 100,000 signatories to pertinent UN officials. 

Part 3

Part 4

Timeline of major events in Eritrea:
1890-1941- Colonised by Italy
1952 – UN makes Eritrea part of Ethiopia.
1958 – Eritrean Liberation Front (ELF) formed to break away from Ethiopia
1970 – ELF splits and the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front created.
1993 – Eritrea becomes independent and joins United Nations.
1998-2000 – Eritrea-Ethiopia border clashes kill over 70,000
2000 Eritrea and Ethiopia agree ceasefire
2001 Eritrea and Ethiopia agree on UN-proposed mediation over border dispute
2003 Boundary commission rules disputed border town of Badme is in Eritrea. Ethiopia disagrees
2004 Ethiopia accepts ruling on its border with Eritrea but stalemate over Badme continues.
2006 UN report accuses Eritrea of providing arms and supplies to rival Islamists groups in Somalia. Eritrea denies the charge
2009 UN imposes sanctions on Eritrea. 


This episode is also covered on THIS site


Email From Mussie, Germany 

“Please use a new map Africa which shows Eritrea inside Africa. Eritrea is 

a member of AU and is already 19years old.” 

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4 Responses to “Is the UN wrong in placing sanctions on Eritrea?”

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  2. DY said

    Well said Hanna…
    FYI evidently Selam Kidane is an Ethiopian with personal special interest. Thus she has no say on Eritrea.

  3. DY said

    I feel that Selam Kidane don’t understand a lot of the basics of responsibility and initiative. While some take it upon themselves to do what they weren’t even asked to do, she will only do exactly what she is told. I feel that these poor habits have a negative effect on her efficiency and production; I do not hesitate to say she is absolutely … See Morespecial interested individual who doesn’t represent a bit of Eritrea. Eritrean people love and trust President Isaias Afwerki, because he is the most transparent and dedicated gentleman I’ve ever seen. Eritrean leadership have been expressing their concerns consistently and officially, nevertheless what difference will it make if one want to destroy Iraq claiming the existence of WMD?

  4. Hanna said

    Is this girl joking? You can clearly see from her interview that her political and historical knowledge of Eritrea let alone the world as a whole is limited to what she reads on the guardian and BBC. Why is the fact that Ethiopia is still occupying Eritrean lands despite the fact that the UN commision border ruled it as eritrean territories not brought up? Why is the fact that Ethipia is commiting genocide but Eritrea is the one who gets sanctioned not brought up? Why is the fact that Eritrea is constantly demonized by the western media despite our achievemnts in the last few years not brought up? It’s such a shame to see Eritreans who keep trying to hold back the development and growth of our country beliving they are doing the people a favour. We are not perfect, we make mistakes from time to time but we learn and try to develop ourselves. Rome was not built over night and it will take sometime before we can reach our desired goals (despite the obstacles in our ways). We are trying to first lay the foundations which will allow our country to prosper such as national capacity and the building of infrastructure. It all has to be done one step at a time and that may mean that we might not get all the things we want at this moment but eventually we will. And the US might try to hinder our achievement afraid that we might act as a beacon of hope to the rest of african nations and what Malcolm X said some 40 years ago is still true today “You’ll find that there’s a tendency in the West to have the attitude toward any African leader who has the mass support of his people—usually the West classifies him as a dictator….because the West can’t tell them what to do.” The same is true of the Eritrean governemnt, the goal is clear and we are not willing to bend backwards to America’s neo-colonialist ways.

    PS. this is wriiten from a 17 year old Eritrean point of view..I have used we to refer to Eritreans in general not the governemnt.

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